Additional Information About Thumb Sucking

Additional Information About Thumb Sucking

Posted by LONG FAMILY AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY on Apr 28 2018, 11:46 AM

To help properly treat thumb sucking, it is important to discourage it anytime it is found. If you notice that your child is constantly sucking their thumb, you should help provide them treatment, so it can be eliminated as soon as possible. If your child continues to suck their thumb, it can negatively affect the growth and alignment of their teeth.

Although thumb-sucking is something that most children do, it needs to be understood as it can be potentially dangerous to their oral health. To wean your child off of thumb-sucking, it may be helpful to switch them to a pacifier. Although a pacifier can still lead to several health risks, it tends to be an easier habit to break. However, don’t forget to limit its use and remove the pacifier while they sleep.

The reason that thumb sucking is dangerous for your child is that it can introduce harmful bacteria into their mouth. Furthermore, it can inhibit the growth of their teeth and cause issues with the alignment of their teeth and gums. Thumb sucking is often linked to fears and insecurities in your child, so you may want to build up confidence in your child, so they quit naturally. If you continue to have issues with your child sucking their thumb, bring them into their dentist for further care.

If you would like to consult with a dentist in College Station, Texas, you are welcome to contact Dr. Parker Long and our team about thumb sucking. To schedule an appointment for your child at our office, call 979-846-0082.

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