Your Large Cavity May Require a Dental Crown

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When the natural bacteria in your mouth is not remedied with proper dental hygiene and finds a weak area of tooth enamel, it can create a cavity. Cavities that become too large for dental fillings may need dental crowns. Dental crowns can treat tooth decay and restore lost dental structure when not much of the tooth remains.

Our dentist and team at Long Family & Cosmetic Dentistry are pleased to offer quality dental crowns custom made to be replicas of the original teeth. Depending on the location, size, and affected tooth of the cavity, Dr. Parker Long may advise that a dental crown is made with gold, porcelain, or base metal alloys.

You will need to visit Long Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for two different appointments to receive the final dental crown. First, Dr. Parker Long transforms the affected tooth into an abutment that encases the dentin, pulp, and tooth root. Before covering the abutment with a temporary dental crown, we will make a detailed impression of the area and send it to a dental lab for the creation of the final dental crown.

At your second, much shorter appointment, we will remove the temporary crown and then cement the permanent dental crown in place with a strong adhesive.

To learn more about how you can treat a large cavity with a dental crown in College Station, Texas, call 979-846-0082 today and arrange a visit with our friendly dentist and team.