Dentistry Essentials 101: Teenage Dentistry

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Caring for your teeth begins as soon as you can see a visible tooth in your mouth. However, one of the key times of your life that you should focus on is when you are a teen. Because the last of your adult teeth grow in as a teen, it is important to make sure all your teeth are set in place properly, so your complete smile functions as intended. If for any reason any of your teeth are damaged, visit your dentist for a restoration. Furthermore, exercise caution with any lifestyle choices that can damage your smile, including the following peer pressure risks:

– As the last of your adult teeth grow in as a teen, it is important to inspect your wisdom teeth and make sure they are growing in correctly. If for any reason they are out of alignment or not fully grown in, visit your dentist for a restoration.

– Mouth jewelry is often first implemented during the teen years. However, it can cause severe dental damage in the form of nerve damage, gum tissue laceration, oral inflammation, choking, infections, and chipped and cracked teeth.

– Unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco as well as using drugs can pop up during the teen years. These bad habits should be avoided as much as possible as they can cause severe dental damage and even lead to tooth loss and cancer.

– Exercise caution when playing sports and always make sure to wear the appropriate safety gear. If you fail to do so, you can easily knock your teeth out. Common forms of safety equipment include mouthguards, helmets, and face masks.

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